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29 January, 2018
Date: 29 January, 2018

The state level federation of 54 tribal women’s organization Odisha Nari Samaj strongly condemns the recently happened mass rape and subsequent suicide by the rape victim and demand for unbiased high level enquiry against such heinous crime.

The bloody barbarous crime of mass rape and provoked suicide has taken place but the Government has become a scapegoat to suchheinous act and on the other hand is sponsoring aggressiveness govt. officials.

The main aim of this congregation of this OdishaNariSamaj is to condemn such militia principle of the govt. and to ensure proper justice andrespect to the tribal rape victim.

Till now our administration has not provided justice to the minor tribal girl rape victim. Although a number of such shameful act have taken place in the recent past but those have been kept and Red Tape of Government machinery, so many women have lost their lives being crushed by the deadly web. It is for the ineffiency of our administrative system and anticipated social humility the minor girl of 9th Standard took drastic decision to end her life.

Condemn the episode the spokes person of Narisamaj Ms. Karmi says “It is a shameful act on society of women. Do not politicize the human killing Yangya. Prove humanitarianism, coming out of being a runner small vote”

To add other representatives of the OdishaNariSamaj such as TuburiKhara, Manima Bhatra, SanmatiSamarath, BardaniHansdah,HemalSoren, says that those who are involved in this crime should be punished.

The victim has recorded that she has been victimized by four BSF jawan. But to suppress the matter the administration and investigation police official put excessive psychological pressure on her by asking unwanted embarrassing questions and also tried to force her to change version in lieu of money.

At last a false report has been prepared and presented to media and public, seeing this victim lost all faith and committed suicide on 22.01.2018.

In this context amember of NariSamajMrs. NamitaSamalobserved that this kind of false imaging idea has never creep up in the mind of teen girl of 14 years. It is only the low-minded creation of some vested interest group, organization and political parties.

Following are the demands against injustice given to the Kunduli rape victims.

  1. CBI inquiry must be conducted to provide free and unbiased justice.
  2. Identification of criminals and hardest penalty to them.
  3. To intensity strict security for women
  4. Deadline of one month for judgment in case of rape cases.
  5. The mystery of Kunduli rape case should be opened.
  6. To take adequate steps to revive psychological balance among members of bereaved family of rape victim.
  7. To frame stringent law against the security official involved in rape case.IMG-20180130-WA0006