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Accessing Govt Schemes Formation of SHG’s to avail easy credit facilities for enterprising activities & to meet domestic urgencies.

Govt. programmes are better mobilized by SHG’s & Nari Samaj’s by effective presentation of demands at Pallisabha & Gramsabha.

Approximately 350 nos. of SHG’s formed in south region recently within one year & they are in the process of keeping savings first.

  1. Govt.programmes worth of Rs. 12 crores are being mobilized by 53 peoples organization with 5 years by which 55,000 people could get the benefit.
  2. 322 villages of 40 samajs’s could tap dealership under PDS by which around 20,000 people are benefited.
  3. Around 5,000 BPL cards are being provided to beneficiaries bygovt with the initiation of ONS.