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Ecology & Environment

 1. Spreading & practicing various techniques, various formulations based on Zero dependance on external soruces for purchase and relying on available sources of the village.
2. Awareness on GM seed, chemical fertilizer, hybrid seeds & chemical pesticides.
3.Indegenous seed multiplication, collection, preservation and exchange of seeds among sangha’s & samajs’s
4.Establishment of school of ecology as a experiment ground/experiential learning centre
5.Protesting the issue of introduction of the GM seed & chemical fertilizer.
6.Networking of ONS within the system & with other NGO’s within & outside Orissa
80 model villages from south region are exclusively practicing organic farming practice.
Trained organic farmers organize meetings & workshops and creating awareness. Posters made & provided by Thread are used as training materials to motivate farmers.
Schools of ecology have started working at Samaj’s level, creating scope for community learning & experimenting techniques in south region.
Arious training & Workshops are organized at Sidhart Village campus of Thread Kakkirigumma to show them practically the practice of organic farming to boost up their morale & credibility of practices.